VoiceCheck™ Software Development Kit

VoiceCheck™ is THC Technologies Corporation's VoiceVantage™ core voice verification technology. The VoiceCheck™ software Development Kit (SDK) is a combination of advanced mathematics, database interface, and Application Protocol Interface (API). It enables application developers to incorporate VoiceVantage's™ technology into virtually any security application, on multiple platforms.

THC VoiceVantage™ biometric voice verification technology significantly decreases costs, while enhancing security, for many applications on the web, embedded devices, and telephony systems. Through the science of biometrics, which measures people's unique characteristics, VoiceVantage™ provides an cost-effective, accurate, and convenient way to identify individuals. THC VoiceVantage™ technology either "accepts" or "denies" a speaker's claimed identity by comparing a live voice sample to a previously enrolled voiceprint. Since every voiceprint is unique, individuals can use their voice as a password, granting them access to networks, Web sites, and telephony systems.

Did you know that poor security significantly increases costs for. . .

Telephony Systems

Internal help desks spend as much as 65% of their time resetting forgotten, lost, or shared passwords.
~ DFI International.

Enterprise Computing

Fortune 1000 companies sustained losses of more than $45 billion in 1999 from the theft of proprietary information, according to a study by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.


PriceWaterhouseCoopers claims that credit card security accounts for 79% of the barriers to online purchasing.

Embedded Devices

By 2004, over 150 million people are expected to use mobiles or PDAs for wireless banking or other financial transactions, according to Wirednews.com.

VoiceCheck™ Reduces Expenses

  • Voice Verification can completely eliminate the need for PINs and passwords, and the associated time intensive hassles and costs due to password reset.
  • Identifying users via automatic voice verification streamlines the user authentication process. For telephony systems, this greatly reduces the duration of call length and the resources needed to support a Call Center or Help Desk.
  • Voice verification significantly reduces fraud in all industries. Voice verification can be implemented to secure the front-end of a system, prohibiting hackers from breaking into telephone networks and proprietary databases, or can control access to specific applications and data.

VoiceCheck™ Tightens Security

  • Biometrics provide a higher degree of security than traditional PINs and passwords
  • Biometric voice verification technology accurately confirms a person's claimed identity based on the unique features of his or her voice
  • Unlike tokens, cards, PINs, and passwords, your voice cannot be shared, stolen, or forgotten

VoiceCheck™ is Convenient and Increases Customer Satisfaction

  • Saying your name is as natural as saying, "Hello".
  • Identity verification with VoiceCheck™ takes the user less than one tenth of a second.
  • Voice verification enables products and services to be personalized to each unique user, enabling one-to-one marketing and increased revenue for companies.