About Us

About VoiceVantageVoiceVantage™ is owned by THC Technologies Corporation an international company whose management and engineering teams, based worldwide, research, develop and implement single and multiple biometric identity protection solutions with and for our global partners, resellers and direct clients.

VoiceVantage's™ core technology is based on many years of signal processing research and is supported by numerous studies from both the private sector and academic institutions. Through the science of biometrics, which measures people's unique characteristics, VoiceVantage™ technology provides an accurate, convenient, and cost-effective way to identify individuals by the sound of their voice.

Since every voiceprint is unique, individuals can use their voice as a password, granting them access to networks, internet sites, restricted areas, and telephony systems. VoiceVantage's™ technology either "accepts" or "denies" a speaker's claimed identity by comparing a live voice sample to a previously enrolled voiceprint. Voice verification is viable for both small controlled applications and large-scale implementations.

VoiceVantage's™ voice verification technology is language independent, so applications that involve large, global communities are both realistic and affordable. Its voice verification is easily deployed in multiple environments, over virtually any platform, including internet, wireless networks, and telephony environments. This unique capability eliminates the need to "re-create the wheel" when organizations elect to migrate the technology into other applications. VoiceVantage™ is a privately held company with offices in Illinois and Massachusetts.

THC Technologies Corporation will continue to develop and commercialize its proprietary VoiceVantage™ voice verification technology and enter into strategic initiatives designed to meet and exceed client requests for biometric security solutions.