SpeakNSet™  Password Reset

Business Challenge...

The operating costs for your company's Help Desk are steadily increasing... new security measures have not been implemented... and users and employees complain of long hold times to speak to a Help Desk agent.

Did you know. . .

  • The average computer user must remember 40 passwords for professional and personal use
  • Fortune 500 companies currently spend upwards of $300 - 400 per year, per person to reset forgotten, lost, or stolen passwords
  • Internal help desks spend as much as 65% of their time resetting forgotten, lost, or stolen passwords. ~ DFI International

VoiceVantage™ can help...

Now, with SpeakNSet™ powered by VoiceCheck™, organizations no longer have to clog their Help Desk's lines with users needing to reset forgotten, stolen, or shared passwords, nor do users have to go through lengthy identification processes just to get another password issued. SpeakNSet™ has revolutionized the process; enabling users to automatically reset their password using their voice to verify their identity. Not only does it significantly decrease Help Desk operating costs and enhance security, but it is also convenient and hassle-free.

SpeakNSet™ Reduces Expenses

  • Manually resetting passwords is a significant recurring cost.
  • An automated password reset solution using voice verification is a one-time investment.
  • Automating the password reset process reduces the requirements for Help Desk staffing.
  • An automated password reset solution increases end user productivity by reducing hold time to Help Desk.

SpeakNSet™ Tightens Security

  • Biometrics provide a higher degree of security than traditional PINs and passwords.
  • Biometric voice verification technology accurately confirms a person's claimed identity based on the unique features of his or her voice.
  • Unlike tokens, cards, PINs, and passwords, your voice cannot be shared, stolen, or forgotten.

SpeakNSet™ is Convenient and Saves Time

  • Automatic password reset using voice verification is available to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • VoiceVantage's™ voice verification lets users pick their own easy-to-remember phrase-based password, such as their birth city and state.
  • Typical manual reset through a Help Desk can take upwards of 15 minutes with hold time.
  • A voice verification enrollment takes less than 30 seconds to complete – and because an identity verification takes less than a tenth of a second, it greatly reduces total call time.