THC Technologies Corporation announces new VoiceCheck Mobil™ SDKs for both Android and iPhone


Boston, Massachusetts. (Sep 1, 2021) ‐ Frances M. Lynch, CEO of THC Technologies Corporation (THC), a private corporation engaged in the global biometrics solutions market, today announced an expansion of its VoiceVantage™ product offerings to include VoiceCheck Mobil™ SDKs for both Android and iPhone.

CEO Frances M. Lynch said, "Merchants worldwide recognize the advantages universal adoption of cell phone communications bring to processing consumer transactions. Our VoiceCheck Mobil™ SDKs are the ideal voice verification solution for organizations that provide mobile banking applications to the banking, financial services, and retail sectors.

"Our VoiceCheck Mobil™ SDKs are language independent as are all our applications and is the fastest and most simple solution for platforms operating in multiple languages and using a wide range of embedded applications and proprietary embedded platforms.

"For the end user, The VoiceCheck Mobil™ SDKs enrollment process is simple; voice verified banking, financial and retail services customers register both online as well as over the phone by providing their voiceprint as well as payment and mailing information. Additional security features can be added such as a PIN if desired by the service provider. At once the customer can begin voice secured, transaction verified, mobile shopping. Our voice verification biometric is recognized as the most rapid, most secure in the industry and gives both the service provider and the end user the confidence of a rapid, secure, convenient transaction.

"VoiceCheck Mobil™ SDKs safely allow access to sensitive data such as banking, social networks, payment services, client records, financial service providers, employee records and membership lists, all within an innovative, voice verified authentication installing tool that comes with embedded enrollment documentation and is designed to function as a download from providers’ websites."