Two of the World’s Leading Multinational Financial institutions Complete VoiceVantage™ Enrollment


Boston, Massachusetts. (March 3, 2012) Frances M. Lynch, CEO of THC Technologies Corporation, a private corporation engaged in the global biometric solutions market, today announced, "The VoiceVantage™ product line continues to enjoy strong top-tier sales. In addition to winning an increasing number of national Telcos, US correctional facilities and State Government contracts this year over last, two of the world’s premier Financial Services institutions have completed enrollment. One institution with a combined internal and external user group of over 80,000 achieved 100 percent internal enrollment in only six months.”

"We believe our extensive industry experience and the impressive VoiceVantage™ technology portfolio combined with our applications partners' family of proven innovative products and services offerings clearly demonstrates THC's leadership position in the voice verification applications market. THC's products and services, combined with our partner companies' expertise help enterprises reach greater levels of success with enhanced customer services, improved access to information and increased productivity through automated information systems and near-term increased profitability." Tom Wilkerson, Vice President of Marketing agreed, "Because VoiceVantage™ software's innovative solutions can be combined to meet the specific needs and requirements of any business, our solutions provide the critical identity verification necessary for control for compliance, monitoring, risk management and performance improvement.

Organizations in public education, financial services, healthcare, government and many other industries, maximize performance and provide investment protection because THC and our partners deliver complete best-of-breed voice authentication solutions. We focus on designing, developing and deploying voice solutions with our partners sharing the common goal to create best-of-breed hardware and software configurations on which to deploy their industry specific solutions."

Safe Harbor Statement

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