Leading North American Corrections Agency Renews VoiceVantage™ Voice Verification Biometrics for Ninth Year



Boston, Massachusetts. (May 21, 2022) Frances M. Lynch, CEO of THC Technologies Corporation, a private corporation engaged in the global biometric solutions market, today announced, "Beginning with our initial sale way back in 2004 of 70,000 licenses to a North American market leader our highly secure voice verification products continue to be the premier voice verification choice worldwide. This month’s ninth year service and software renewal by a leading North American corrections agency further enhances our leadership role. .

“Our extensive industry experience, our longstanding and excellent service record, our unparalleled ability to clearly distinguish between identical twins using a single spoken word in any language, our verification speed of 1.4 milliseconds and the impressive VoiceVantage™ technology portfolio make us the security industries top technology choice as demonstrated by nine years of service for this institution.

“All VoiceVantage™ products provide the same unmatched security features and benefits. Our extensive product portfolio and specialized consulting expertise support security authorities worldwide. Our solutions strengthen identity protection and our unmatched speed and accuracy accelerate verifications ensuring timely, accurate and secure facilities access as well as protecting all levels and methods of communication security.”

VoiceCheck™ Specifications

Phrase Length and Speech Print Size:
1-2 seconds
Verification Data/Time:
1 individual phrase 1.4 milliseconds
1 phrase, 2000+ verifications per second on Intel Core i7-7500U @ 2.70GHz
(based on simultaneous use).
Sample Types:
16-bit signed and unsigned linear
8-bit signed and unsigned linear
8-bit mu-law and a-law
Sample Rate:
8, 11.025 or 16 KHz
Direct C++ API calls (Windows, Linux), .NET (Windows), Java (Windows, Linux), Objective C (iOS), Swift (iOS)
Database Access:
ODBC: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or higher.
Supported Languages:
C++, C#, Java, Objective C, Swift
Sample Code:
Demo applications in all supported languages are provided as usage examples to streamline integration
Supported Development Environments:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, GNU G++ 9.3.0 (Linux), Eclipse, Xcode release 12.3, Android SDK
version 10.0 (Q) API Level 29 Revision 5, Android Studio release 4.1
Minimum System Requirements:
Windows: Intel i5 or equivalent or higher, 2GB RAM, standard, microphone, and sound card
Windows 7 or Higher
Linux: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Android: Lollipop 5.0.2

VoiceCheck™ ODBC

The VoiceCheck™ SDK is now available with SQL Database Persistence via a replacement for the Flat-File version of VC_Database.DLL. Please note the following regarding this new option:

  • VoiceCheck™ ODBC allows storage of all VoiceCheck™ data in a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Currently, VoiceCheck™ ODBC has been tested with Microsoft SQL Server 2019, MySQL 8, Oracle 21c and PostreSQL 12.10 on both Windows and Linux.
  • VoiceCheck™ ODBC enables scalability by allowing data to be stored in a database of your choice. Tables can coexist with other data in the same application database; or they can be stored in a separate database on the same server, or a different server.
  • Multi-threaded/multi-process support is enabled in VoiceCheck™ ODBC.
  • The VC_Database and VC_DatabaseUser classes have the same interface for VoiceCheck™ ODBC as for the Flat-File storage option.
  • Minimal changes are required in order to provide a database user ID and database user password to the VC_Database instance constructor. Also, instead of supplying a path name as the database name of the VC_Database instance constructor, a ODBC DSN should be used.
  • VoiceCheck™ tables are automatically created in the database instance given in the VC_Database instance constructor