Leading Mid-Atlantic Corrections Association Selects VoiceVantage™ Biometrics Solution


Boston, Massachusetts. (December 06, 2020) Frances M. Lynch, CEO of THC Technologies Corporation, a private corporation engaged in the global biometric solutions market, today announced, "Beginning with our initial sale in 2004 of 70,000 licenses to a North American market leader our highly secure VoiceVantage™ voice verification products continue to be the premier voice verification choice worldwide. Our most recent selection by a major mid-Atlantic Corrections Association further enhances our leadership role.

"Organizations worldwide in corrections, financial services, healthcare, government, and many other industries maximize performance and provide investment protection because THC and our partners provide them complete best-of-breed voice authentication solutions. We focus on designing, developing, and deploying voice solutions with our partners sharing the common goal to create best-of-breed hardware and software configurations on which to deploy their industry specific solutions."

Eric Petra, THC’s VP of Business Development concurred saying, "Our client’s selection of our VoiceVantage™ technology allows them to provide a highly secure, integrated and efficient voice verification security solution that lowers operational risks associated with today’s inmate call monitoring processes; our voice biometrics software solution is critical to achieving a fully secure inmate service. THC and its Partners market voice activated solutions that advance client’s cyber security capabilities, increasing client security and enhancing organizational resilience."