86% Agree: Liveness Detection More Important Than Ever in Latest Biometrics Institute Survey



Boston, Massachusetts. (August 1, 2022)  Frances M. Lynch, CEO of THC Technologies Corporation, a private corporation engaged in the global biometric solutions market concurred with the Survey results, noting, “We entirely agree, and only our VoiceVantage™ voice verification technology offers multiple key liveliness detection advantages that are well beyond any other biometrics for:

  • Your voice cannot be stolen, lost, forgotten, or otherwise compromised as liveliness is the only factor that can validate your voice.
  • Our unparalleled ability to clearly distinguish between identical twins using a single spoken word in any language, our verification speed of 1.4 milliseconds and our impressive VoiceVantage™ technology portfolio make us the top security solution choice.
  • Voice is the only completely mobile voice activated biometric technology capable of operating anytime, anywhere. As voice verification utilizes the common microphone found readily available in telephony devices and PC microphones.
  • Of all the biometric technologies available, voice verification is the only “conscious” biometric. Other biometrics could still be used without the conscious authorization of the individual; for example, an individual could be rendered unconscious, yet an intruder could still utilize their fingerprint, retina, vein or face to access protected systems or information.

“All VoiceVantage™ VoiceCheck™ products provide the same unmatched security features and benefits. Our extensive product portfolio and specialized consulting expertise support security authorities worldwide. Our solutions not only strengthen identity protection, our unmatched speed and accuracy accelerate verifications ensuring timely, accurate and secure facilities access as well as protecting all levels and methods of communication security.”

* For more insights on liveness, the importance of testing, and what matters to the biometrics community, a summary of the main findings from this year’s global survey is available from the Biometrics Institute.


VoiceVantage™ VoiceCheck™ Specifications

Phrase Length and Speech Print Size:
1-2 seconds
Verification Data/Time:
1 individual phrase 1.4 milliseconds
1 phrase, 2000+ verifications per second on Intel Core i7-7500U @ 2.70GHz
(based on simultaneous use).
Sample Types:
16-bit signed and unsigned linear
8-bit signed and unsigned linear
8-bit mu-law and a-law
Sample Rate:
8, 11.025 or 16 KHz
Direct C++ API calls (Windows, Linux), .NET (Windows), Java (Windows, Linux, Android), Objective C (iOS, macOS), Swift (iOS, macOS)
Database Access:
ODBC: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or higher.
Supported Languages:
C++, C#, Java, Objective C, Swift
Sample Code:
Demo applications in all supported languages are provided as usage examples to streamline integration
Supported Development Environments:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, GNU G++ 9.3.0 (Linux), Eclipse, Xcode release 12.3, Android SDK version
10.0 (Q) API Level 29 Revision 5, Android Studio release 4.1
Minimum System Requirements:
Windows: Intel i5 or equivalent or higher, 2GB RAM, standard, microphone, and sound card Windows 7 or Higher
Linux: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Android: Lollipop 5.0.2
macOS: OS X Yosemite